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(Updated: February 10, 2008)
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The color is a completely natural, herbal green, but lacks brightness and nuance (3/5). After the louche, it develops into an opaque yellowish-green gradient, growing much more nuanced, but the louche process itself is not particularly smoky/swirly or interesting (4/5). The aromas really fill the room - a good quality about this absinthe - but are heavy on the anise (4/5). Flavor follows the aroma - strong, herbal, grape-based spirit with a pleasant wormwood undertaste, this is definitely authentic 19th-century style absinthe, but too heavy on the anise to really do justice to the other herbs (4/5). There were no unpleasant surprises in the finish, but the flavors did not really linger long enough for my taste (3/5). Overall, a finely crafted absinthe, one of the best on the market when it came out, but does not really stand out in any category. Secondary effects (lucid drunkenness/vivid dreams) were definitely present. Recommended strongly for beginners - you don't want to start with the best stuff right away. At 50 euros, the only quality absinthe that is as much of a bargain is Belle Amie.
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