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Needs some age.
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Appearance: A very light green bordering on yellow...definitely could use a bit more coloring.

Louche: Louches slowly, and becomes a pale, nearly white color with some splashes of red and gold. It's not overly creamy, and I think it's slightly on the thin side of translucent.

Aroma: Cool and anisey, and perhaps a too-present fennel scent with some vegetal qualities. Also a hint of a mentholated medicinal astringency.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: Powdery, bold, and with a bitter flavor sweeping quickly into what I would consider to be the territory of the finish. It's like there's not time to experience the taste. I think a thicker texture would help. It clearly tastes like absinthe, but there's not really enough dancing around to be analyzed.

Finish: Sweet and juicy, with a somewhat sour something in the flavor that's out of place that seems to keep the rest of the finish from falling into place. This causes the finish to come to an end a bit too soon.

Overall: Not entirely a bad absinthe, but it lacks a number of qualities that I appreciate in high-end offerings. Instead of choosing a direction (or a flavor) and going for it, it seems to attempt to balance the ingredients, but seems to be missing a roundness bringing the ingredients together. This could definitely use a bit more "oomph". Also, I think a bit of resting has helped this absinthe considerably, as it is much smoother than when first bottled (from what I remember.)
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