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It's not a verte
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It's not a verte. The coloring step was a waste of time and energy. It comes out as a dingy blanche both pre and post louched.

There is a solid louche and I thought it might have promise as a blanche.

The aroma is a light anise with a hint of wormwood, not unpleasant but simple.

It could be a refreshing blanche on a hot summer day but the wormwood is not a pleasant flavor but just bitter.

The finish is the lingering bitterness.

A lightly flavored absinthe could be an excellent niche absinthe for the new market and Trillium does have promise. Either color it or not. The wormwood is the most unpleasant aspect of Trillium, bitterness without flavor. Neither of these complaints are insurmountable, in fact they could easily change a mediocre offering into a very desirable and refreshing absinthe.
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