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(Updated: August 03, 2008)
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I am reviewing this from a sample that was sent to me.

As I open the bottle the first thing I notice is the smell of anise (star anise) and alcohol. As it's poured into the glass the aroma opens up and lingers in the glass. It is the smell of licorice and strong alcohol. I really can't pick anything else in the aroma.

At this point I notice the color is closer to a blanche with a straw-yellow tint. It kind of reminds me of Blanchette. This is surprising, since it is described a a verte.

I am louching my drink through a brouilleur at a drop per second. At the fifth drop the louch begins. By the time it is at a ratio of 2:1 the louche is complete. After continuing to a 3:1 ratio, the drinks aroma is still star anise and strong alcohol that lingers in the glass.

My first sip tastes like anise and alcohol with a bitter wormwood in the finish.The wormwood flavor is suspect. It almost seems like there may have been some used in the coloring (what coloring there is).

There's not a whole lot to the finish. Once I get past the alcohol flavor, I am left with a slight numb tongue and a lingering bitterness.

I'm glad I was able to sample Trillium. Unfortunately, I hoped it would be a little better for a small US distiller. Maybe, Integrity will continue to improve their product and will have something better to offer in the future.
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