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Trillium, a lightweight verte
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These review comments are from the tasting notes I posted in the forum.

Color - Very pale, green leaning slightly to straw/yellow. The pale color made it difficult for me to judge clarity, it looked almost like a slightly cloudy blanche.

Nose (neat) - All I got was anise, with a background of isopropyl alcohol. It wasn't terribly hot or sharp or anything, and I actually like the smell of rubbing alcohol, so it wasn't off-putting to me, but inappropriate for absinthe.

Louche - Very nice trailing and swirling action in the glass. Beautiful layering. The louche action is by far the strong point of this absinthe. The weak color detracts a bit, but this might be the best performing louche I've seen to date. Finished glass had very weak color, almost like a blanche but without the clean, milky white. Finished color much lighter than Lucid. As it was getting late I had poor lighting so difficult to judge opacity, but it didn't appear as thick and heavy as, for example, Kübler. Difficult choice scoring a 3 or 4 for the louche; it should probably be considered "too strong" and scored a 3, but I enjoyed it so much I'm going with the 4.

Nose (post louche) - Very weak. I was surprised how the aroma seemed to just disappear after the louche. Faint anise aroma, and that's it.

Flavor - Anise, and very quickly tongue numbing, attacking the tip of the tongue. Ends with some wormwood bitterness. Balance between anise and wormwood seems good, but the flavors do not seem well integrated; you get the anise first, and then the wormwood quickly takes over. Could be due to the overall light character of the absinthe, the anise character just doesn't have any staying power other than the tongue numbing.

Finish - Very quick, and dominated by the tongue numbing and some lingering bitterness.

In summary, the whole experience can best be described as "weak". Weak color, and weak, simple flavor. There was nothing that I found offensive, but nothing interesting enough to entice me to a second glass. Light color, light flavor.
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