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"New School American Red"
(Updated: November 10, 2013)
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This is my first rouge - so take this review with that fact in mind...

In general, this is a very similar offering to Toulouse Green. This should really be no surprise to anyone. Where this differs, however is in the obvious coloring and flavor differences since this is a rouge. The unlouched color is an orange-red and is attractive enough; though I know what is more correct in terms of a verte than a rouge, as mentioned above. It looks quite natural and based upon photos from the distiller - appears as though it fades to a more orangish color with age. Perfectly fine. Once louched (again - like the verte... a nice, thick louche) the coloring is pale orange and not unlike some of the vertes I've had which have been aged a bit and had their green color transformed into a more autumnal hue. Nowhere near the vibrant pink one might expect though I'm positive a fresher run would certainly retain those reds better.

As for taste and mouthfeel - this absinthe employs a cane base and that certainly does play the flavor a certain way. Every cane base absinthe I've had seems very sweet... yet with both the Toulouse Red and Toulouse Green, I find the addition of sugar to even out the taste nicely. I know that sounds odd but this has been my consistent experience. The flavor itself is interesting and quite floral. I can only imagine this is due to the coloring herbs and especially hibiscus. This additional flavor is dominent and while I do enjoy it - if you are looking for a more traditional profile, I'd recommend something else. I also wish the mouthfeel was more substantial.

Like it's verte sister; I feel that this is overall a nice absinthe with nothing too distracting about it. Definitely not the traditional experience other brands offer... but the distiller does refer to it as "New School American Red Absinthe" - so I suppose I can't argue with that :)

EDIT 11/10/2013: I find as I get closer to the end of this bottle, the absinthe seems to acquire an unpleasant alcohol heat in the background which distracts from the more herbal flavors. The base also becomes more pronounced. Rating adjusted slightly to take this into account.
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