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Lovely Louche
(Updated: November 10, 2013)
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The most attractive aspect of this absinthe for me, is the louche. It is quite thick and entertaining to watch form in the glass. When louched, the absinthe has a creamy feel upon the tongue and is a lovely milky green color. There is some numbing, which I consider appropriate and the flavors are balanced with no single member of the trinity pushing the others aside. I've found that a a dilution ratio of 1:4 suits this pretty well.

Pre-louche; the color is quite green (natural) and some particles can be seen in the bottle (which I take no offense to, whatsoever). The bottle itself is unique in that it has a screw-cap, which I've never seen before on an absinthe.

One thing to advise others upon is the cane base. While it is not as prevalent as some other brands which use a similar base... it is present and it is noticeable. I would say that the use of a grain or grape spirit would improve this absinthe - but there is nothing offensive at all in the present base - it is just presently present and of course lends its attributes to the overall experience :)

It is wonderful to see absinthe coming out of New Orleans again after so many years!

EDIT 11/10/2013: I find as I get closer to the end of this bottle, the absinthe seems to acquire an unpleasant alcohol heat in the background which distracts from the more herbal flavors. The base also becomes more pronounced. Rating adjusted slightly to take this into account.
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