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Good in theory.
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Appearance: It's obviously a blanche, but there's a barely noticeable yellow tint.

Louche: It doesn't seem to get quite as thick as it should, and not nearly as thick as most blanches. It ends up a with some color post-louche: a light yellow-blue-green huge.

Aroma: The smell is fairly big while louching and juniper is definitely present. Overall is has a cool, evergreen-like, somewhat oceany smell.

Flavor: Not a big flavor. Whispers of wormwood and some other supporting flavors, but not very bold.

Finish: A lot of the dryness I'd associate with a gin, but given that the texture is very thin, it doesn't end up with much of a finish.

Overall: I think this would be a good idea if executed with an excellent gin and an excellent absinthe, but I don't think it achieved it's full potential in this particular absinthe.
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