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Intruiguing stuff
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Color: A bit of a yellowish tinge, but not unattractive.

Louche: Very quick to form but ends in a nice opalescent final product.

Aroma: Earthy and piney with underlying sweetness of anise ans the spiciness of wormwood. The juniper stands out, but it's attractive and not off-putting.

Flavor: Intruiguing to say the least. A mix of nice spicy wormwood, sweet anise undertones, citrusy and piney. Confusing at first, but then it grows on you.

Finish: The finish is more of hin than absinthe, but that makes for a very refreshing end.

Overall: I see this being a very versatile spirit in bars. Soemthing that would work well in the traditional absinthe service, but also in cocktails that call for absinthe OR gin. Try it as a substitute for both gin and absinthe in a Monkey Gland.
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