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Tenneyson anyone?
(Updated: January 05, 2013)
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Enjoyed at 3:1, no sugar.

Color: Clear, but just a tiny bit of very minute floating specks in the bottle. Hardly worth mentioning, but I noticed them, and gave it a 3, as 4 requires "clear" in this review model.

Louche: The louche develops evenly and at a nice pace, not too quickly as I've seen in many other blanches. Thick trails and swirls, nice layering. Though not a super-thick louche, it is just dense enough to be cloudy with very nice light play and opalescence. Some nice copper highlights at the bottom and edges of the Egg glass.

Aroma: Alpine meadow with a kiss of Gin. The addition of Juniper berry does not overwhelm the classic Swiss La Bleue style background. Fresh, crisp and inviting.

Flavor: This is a tasty blanche. The Gin element is clear, but does not overpower the absinthe itself. If you do not like gin, this may not be for you, but juniper goes so well with the other trad elements of absinthe, that I liked it quite a bit. The balance of all elements is well-crafted. Imagine a really nice La Bleue with a few drops of quality gin in for personality, and you'll know what to expect. Different enough however that some will not like it.

Finish: A slightly thin mouthfeel, but a decent build, peaking with tasty layers of spice, citrus and pepper. A gentle pinch on the tongue and roof of the mouth fades nicely, leaving traditional absinthe edges, but also a non-traditional kiss of gin.

Quite nice. Not my favorite blanche, but it's interesting. Don't overwater this one, and it certainly doesn't need sugar. For me, more than 3:1 would weaken the louche, mouthfeel and crisp edge this offers. Nice work, and different! I can see this might be great for cocktails as well.
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