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Basic gin + Basic Blanche
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Appearance- Very clear, so for a blanche it seems exactly as it's supposed to.
Louche- Really nice. Maybe a bit on the thin side but also a little more complex than other blanches I've seen, with a very slight iridescence.
Aroma- Leans a bit more towards gin to my nose, but almost like a watered down gin with anise added. There's a kind of minty freshness, but overall it's just not very bold or complex and doesn't really grab me in any way.
Flavor- Like the aroma, it just really doesn't do much for me. Fresh and sharp, like a blanche or a gin. When I drink gin it's usually a gin and tonic which gives it a nice crispness, but here you're typically just mixing with water and I think watered down, average quality gin, and average quality blanche is basically the end result. The juniper really seemed to commingle with the anise in a way that made it feel like I was putting effort into finish a glass. The mouth feel was nice and silky smooth, however.
Finish- Mostly I just noticed the anise and juniper, cold water, and some alcohol burn setting in. That's not particularly unpleasant, though.
Overall- Maybe it would be better in some kind of absinthe cocktail but I wasn't adventurous enough to try. When I consider the price of this vs the price of a bottle of tanqueray rangpur or bombay sapphire I really just wonder why I didn't get one of each of those instead. I'm not a huge fan of any blanche I've encountered though, so I'm probably a bit biased. This isn't terrible or even bad but the price point really makes it hard for me to justify and I don't think I would ever buy another bottle. I can see where some people might really like it though. Gin and absinthe are both the two main things I've drank in the past 10years, and I feel this doesn't represent either beyond a kind of middle of the road example or idea of each. It's definitely 'acceptable', not bad but not great, and probably could be called 'idiosyncratic', so it gets a 3.
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