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Black jelly bean liqueur.
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This liqueur is a thick, syrupy neon green. It smells of artificial licorice, root beer, and cola, with some spiciness that is reminiscent of cinnamon flavoured candy. It louches overly thick, but it's surprisingly attractive and natural looking considering its unlouched appearance.

Unfortunately the aroma doesn't get any better with the addition of water. It's much the same as before, but with more licorice and less of everything else. It tastes like black jelly beans down to the last detail. Numbingly acrid, cloying, artificial. I think I can taste wormwood but I'm not sure. There's a little bit of bitterness but it's so intensely sweet that it's almost obscured.

The finish is numbing, with some spiciness. Lingers but that's not really a good thing. This is more of an aftertaste than a finish.

This beverage has added sweetener, so it's a liqueur instead of a liquor. Thus, it's not absinthe. It's probably a pretty good drink for anyone who wants black jelly bean liqueur but it really does not taste much like absinthe at all.
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