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Could use a bit of work.
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The absinthe has aged to olive, but it's much brighter than usual for having lost some green. Clear, no debris. The aroma is cologne-like. Floral wormwood, light anise, a tad fruity but more spicy.

The louche is quick but thin. It finishes a golden colour with greenish tones around the edges. It's nice but lacks depth. With water there's much more of an anise aroma, now in balance with wormwood. Sweet and a bit powdery.

It tastes bright and wormwood heavy, a tad bitter. There's a tart off-flavour that would bother me if it were any stronger but it's thankfully very light. Good anise but plays a background role. Dill. Somehow it makes me think of chewing flower petals and stems.

Anise finally blooms over a long, slightly bitter finish, mellowing to an earthy tone.

I'm normally a fan of wormwood-heavy absinthes but I feel like this one has an unfortunate hardness that could be remedied with a much fuller anise profile.
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