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(Updated: April 28, 2009)
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At that strength the colour is accurate, greenish and deep enough.

Louche is very gradual, very slow and doesn't reach the full opacity, maybe the herb-bill is responsible for such a louche. Still, quite nice and not too hasty.

Aroma is the Great Unknown, and thus so greatly inviting to take the first sip. Aroma is musky in a sense and definitely not absinthe-y. Again, it is so unique that cannot be considered a flaw, rather a great virtue.

Flavour is particularly rich-melissa, some unknown nuances, not a slight trace of anethole buddies, bitterness from pontica that simply eats your tongue and it is so pleasant, that it is not a problem that too much of pontica might have been used what the taste clearly suggests.

Traditional absinthe it is not, is it absinthe? Yes, it is, very unusual, very untraditional, a cosmic one that seduces with great, mature personality. Whenever I re-visit it, it is a pleasure.
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