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Canada Strikes Gold
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Okanagan Spirits has created a drink worthy of the name "Gold" from the moment the dark Amber-Green enters the glass until the crisp finish gently fades away. There is much to admire in this beverage and little to complain about.

The color is dark amber-green, clear and appealing.

The louche is distinct without being milky thick. It captures opalescent well while demonstrating a strong louche. Not too thick but not remotely fragile. Unfortunately, the color travels from the beautiful Amber-Green to an almost dingy post-louche.

The aroma is very appealing with a sharp, delicious wormwood aroma up front.

The flavor is spicy and complex, the wormwood is also in the forefront and quickly fades away, leaving the other flavors to become more prominent. The anise is nearly lost in the barrage of other flavors.

The finish is remarkably crisp! It fades slowly and deliciously.

It is a well-made and complex herbal bomb. Okanagan Spirits should be proud of Taboo Gold.
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