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Appearance: A green tinted amber color. Clear yet dark in hue appearing deep.

Louche: The louche is very light and thin. It is there but the entire glass is still very transparent.

Aroma: The aroma is of citrus and spice. Anise and wormwood are present but not strong aromas. The accenting smells are much more noticeable than the traditional ones.

Flavor: Wormwood, lemon, and a cassia-cherry blend jump out at first. After tasting I've found that the base is fruit brandy and it definitely comes through in the flavor. This absinthe is fairly sweet with an anise push, but the mouthfeel is so thin that I don't suspect much fennel use.

Finish: The finish is much the same as the flavor for the most part. Towards the end a dried herb and dusty flavor appears along with bittersweet lemon to finalize out the finish.

Overall: An interesting experiment and good in its own way, but it stretches the boundaries of the usual absinthe flavors. The thin mouthfeel and louche could use some work and the base is strongly apparent. If I wanted an absinthe I wouldn't reach for this bottle right away, but it's still tasty.
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