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1st Relase (2009-2011)
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Take note that this is the first release of Taboo Gold. After 2011 it was unavailable for a bit then around 2012 a new batch came out that was quite a bit different than the first. I'll post a separate review of the 2012 release.

Louched 4:1 with sugar.

COLOR is dark and deep. Golden yellow and green tints. Clear

LOUCHE Dark olive green with yellow/gold highlights. Creamy but not too thick. Perfect louche.

AROMA A bit peculiar. Anise, tangy, minty, lemony, herbaceous, grassy. A bit sharp like fruit eau-de-vie. All Taboo absinthe's are made with a fruit brandy base.

FLAVOR Bitter, spicy and tangy fruit. The fruit brandy base really comes through and gives it a flavor that is a bit peculiar for an absinthe. The overall flavor is pleasant but not a traditional absinthe flavor.

FINISH Spicy, bitter long finish. The spiciness goes away and a soapy flavor develops and stay with the bitterness.

OVERALL It's an enjoyable absinthe but definitely needs some tweaks in the flavor department.
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