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Color: Clear with a very dead leaf brownish-green color. The color is certainly a bit strong and off but it is still clear. It is very pretty and earthy but also very colored.

Louche: Not too much play going on with a slight layering effect noticed. Oddly enough pouring faster creates more action with a rolling cloud effect. At the end it is very thick and the color is a hazy version of the original dead leaf brown-green.

Aroma: Extremely different aroma. Some unfamiliar herbs overpowering the trio of usual absinthe herbs. There are definitely some herbs here not in the usual offerings. Not necessarily appropriate and a bit strong and unbalanced on the unusual herbal smells. A strong herbal punch.

Flavor: Actually tastes closer to traditional absinthe than it smells, but still way out of the traditional line. I enjoy the herb overload that the taste displays up front. It is bitter at first then dances with an amazingly complex array of flavors. The usual suspects of absinthe are there but kinda far in the background. The other unusual herbs do very well and are definitely the stars of the show.

Finish: Very cool finish. Starts by displaying the lemon balm just a bit more then the fennel and anise jump out quickly before fading into the other herbs with a slightly bitter numbness at the end. It lingers for a very long time and plays quite a bit. Wonderful.

Overall: I enjoy this drink quite a bit. St. George is not typical or traditional in any sense but it is still a tasty drink. This is definitely for those like me who enjoy a very herbal profile and complex finish. Not for traditionalists or those who like smooth and subtle flavors. The usual absinthe flavor is deep in the background favoring the experimentation of the other herbs and this lends it to being chock full of personality. This is a daring creation that pays the price for being so unconventional; love it or hate it.
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