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St. George's Prayer
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4/25/10 - Please allow me to preface this review by saying that aside from Absente this is the only other Absinthe/Absinthe-like product I have tried so my palette is very limited.

As noted in one of the listed comments for a YouTube video from this distiller, I kept from adding sugar and I would agree that this absinthe doesn’t really need it. Though, for good measure, I will try it with sugar in the future for a friendly comparison.

The color is of a deep earthly green, though more earth than green I would say. As an artist, if one were to mix a bright orange with an emerald green they would likely get the color of this absinthe which is interesting considering its citrus like over tones to the smell and taste.

The louche was a milky green and it was opalescent, cloudy, and mesmerizing to watch. Many of the other reviews mention the louche being quick which I think I now understand what this means. In regards to the adding of water I added just enough to complete the louche effect, which possibly seemed like a 2:1 (water:absinthe) ratio. And despite not adding any sugar the drink still had legs (coated the walls of the glass), which I imagine is due to its Brandy base.

The aroma seemed to have hints of anise, orange, and lemon and instantly struck me. When I smelled this absinthe I knew exactly where my money went. The distinct difference in aroma to Absente was extremely noticeable (as it should be) and I was pleased to become personally enlightened to this fact. There was much more to the smell of this absinthe than simply licorice, which had been my previous experience. However, I was unable to detect any notion of sage or basil which many other reviews mention about this product, though I realize at this time my palette is limited.

I found the flavor to be peppery with the hint of anise. It also had the taste of an orange rind -if one has ever bitten into one- of which didn’t bother me and I thought this gave it a nice quality. I also found it to be thick and somewhat syrupy, which was possibly due to the small amount of water I added which almost seemed like a 2:1 as I mentioned earlier.

As far as the finish in concerned, it has a unique quality which makes it stand out. To me, the finish was whiskey-like due to its warm, peppery quality which started with the anise flavor. I also found it to be sprinkled with citrus trails. Like I mentioned briefly it was also thick, but I don’t mind this quality. After all, if a drink is meant to be savored why not have it drink slowly, why would one prefer it to be any other way.

Overall, I was extremely pleased by this product, which could be due to my inexperience, but I would purchase a bottle of this Absinthe again and think that the people at St. George have a unique product on their hands. As far as my current local selection goes, this is by far the best absinthe that I will find on the shelf at a local seller and am now finding it difficult to finish my previous purchase or to give any other local option a chance. I say definitely give St. George a try!
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