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v.3 - Nice mid-range verte
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Color- Inviting peridot with light gold edges under natural light. No sediment at all in the sample bottle.

Louche- Very nice think cascading trails right off the bat with a slow pour but it ends too soon and may be a tad too thick when finished.

Aroma- Sweet anise & fennel with some herbs I’ve never smelled before. It’s nice but some points need to be deducted since it’s undetectable after a minute.

Flavor- Overall I would say this is both fresh and flowery- probably due to the wormwood. There’s a decent amount of quality anise & fennel mid palate and ends with a creamy finish. There’s an herb in here that I can’t pick out (probably veronica as Brian points out) that lends a tea-like creaminess to the flavor.

Finish- Minty & fresh with a bit of fennel. I would describe the finish as a tad drying/bitter as opposed to sweet. Somewhat long lasting as well.

Overall- Congrats to Martin for putting together a quality absinthe from the Czech Republic. I’m looking forward to this being available in the states. Hopefully other Czech ‘absinthe producers’ can take note.
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