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v. 3 - The best Czech absinthe I've tasted
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Color: Pale olive with no haze. It looked natural.

Louche: Started very quick but was fun to watch while it lasted. About 1:1 and then it thinned a tiny bit.

Aroma: I just couldn't detect much aroma. We louched with ice cold water and very little if any aroma wafted through the air. That changed a bit after it had warmed to room temp but the glass was empty.

Flavor: I gave it a 3 because 3=Appropriate but unremarkable.

Finish: I finished my glass. I like to see if the drink changes much as it gets less cool. The numbing was strong and lacked flavor. It didn't make me ask for another. The numbing hid any flavor from me.

overall: The drink wasn't bad and it showed promise. I haven't tasted the earlier version. I sampled this about an hour after dinner. I treat a review as I would being on a jury, yes or no. If half points were allowed the score may still be the same or maybe a bit higher as I wanted it to be a good drink. I really did. Perhaps a little more tweaking and less numbing would help. I have some left and will re-review it another day under different conditions. Age may help.
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