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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color: The color was nice and natural. Olive with a little straw, and perfectly clear. For a verte, and for being only a few months old, I would expect a bit more green, but nonetheless, it's very nice.

Louche: I loved that the louche was a really nice bottom-up with lovely trails that gradually thickened. However, before even reaching a 1:1 ratio, it was almost completely louched. So a little quick, and ended a little thick. Perhaps the star anise.

Aroma: For me, this was an easy decision to rate. Uncapped, there was very little aroma. While louching, there was certainly no room-filling aroma, but even at 12 inches away, I still couldn't smell anything. After sticking my nose deep into the glass and really pulling in a scent, I was barely able to get much aroma at all. Odd. This changed when the drink warmed up some, and could have been a 3 if it smelled the same at the start. But no other absinthes I've tried have presented so little aroma, which made this rating somewhat easy for me.

Flavor: I gave this a 3 because it just didn't have anything at all that I would call home about. It didn't present anything dramatically, except for the wormwood and a bit of sweetness. They weren't entirely balanced, but aside from that there was a sort of emptiness to the flavor.

Finish: There was quite a bit of numbing here, and it lasted for some time. But otherwise unremarkable.

Overall: Aroma only presented itself as the drink warmed, and the louche was between a 3 and 4 for me. I think tweaking the recipe in these two areas would up the ratings by 1 in each of those rated areas, which would bring the overall up. But as is, the best I can honestly rate this absinthe is basically right down the middle. It's definitely not bad. Not at all. But it could be better, and I'm looking forward to tasting the next batch.

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