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What a surprise, indeed!
(Updated: May 28, 2008)
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As probably everyone else I was very curious and afraid of trying that absinthe (yeah, absinthe, not absinth) which hails from Czech Republic. And what can I say? I am really astonished. Starting with appearance: the colour is very nice, natural green striving slowly towards feuille morte (see pic.)

Another good aspect of that absinthe is its intriguing, clean aroma, composed of veronica, anise and pontica. The alcohol is very clear and delicate, trying it neat provides no burn we know from poorly-made spirits.

The flavour is very complex, and predominantly veronicae-in one word: this is an ultimate veronica bomb!

However, there are some things in that absinthe that need fixing. First of all, despite the subtle if evident anise presence, the louche is very, very delicate and more water and all the goodness is lost. The best ratio I have found was 1:2, 1:2.5.

Nevertheless, it louches unlike 99% of absinth(e)s made in the Czech Republic.

Secondly, the colour is quite right, but the abundance of colouring herbs (pontica and hyssop especially) should be tweaked so as to let wormwood bloom since wormwood note is very discrete in the concoction and at first sip you might not find it at all, though it is there, right behind pontica, following anethole buddies.

All in all, this is the very first successful attempt at making a genuine absinthe in Czech Republic. Because of it unusual strong veronica profile and unbalancity (maybe little aging prior to bottling will help?) it will not appeal to everyone, but some of absintheurs shall find it enjoyable for sure.
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