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The absinthe is of a gold colour, with maybe just the barest hint of green. Bright and clear. There's a strong grape base aroma, with an after-dinner-mint wedged in there. A bit more like chewing gum than absinthe, but not awful like it sounds.

The louche is quick, thick, and deep. The green comes out with water into a very bright opalescence with hints of yellow in the middle and blue at the edges. The aroma has mellowed but it's now full of mint and chalky. Perhaps a bit rubbery too. Anise is there but doesn't stand out.

However anise comes through on the palate, but it's light and fluffy. The base is very noticeable but not dominating. There's a medicinal astringency underlying everything. Wormwood is there but barely noticeable and it lacks spiciness that could help tie it all together. Citrus notes appear and now it reminds me of Ricola cough drops.

The brandy comes through in full force in the finish, under an intense numbing of the tongue. It rounds out to a raisin-like presence before it's gone.

It's a nice attempt and it's enjoyable to drink but it really needs work to meet its potential. The ingredients seem good but the base is overwhelming (too much of a good thing) and the lack of a clear wormwood profile hurts it.
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