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Sorcery in Green
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La Sorciere Verte is an interesting Absinthe-- its quality is excellent, very well-made, and overall, it's a pretty good drink. It's a little idiosyncratic though, and while the La Sorciere Bleue is my favorite blanche and one of my favorite absinthes, the verte is not one of my favorites. I still recommend it as a drink worth trying.

Appearance: quite good... a little bit hazy & a little bit yellowish (without aging) for me to give it higher marks, but it's solid.

Louche: Quite good. forms a nice, greenish deep louche, good translucency, nice highlights. Really nice.

Aroma: Wonderful. Out of the abinthes I've tried so far-- this is the one that stands out for the scents that arise on adding water.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: It's good. Not saying there's anything wrong... it's just not as good to me as the other absinthes in my collection. I'm pretty sure it's the grape base coming out that throws me off-- too much brandy shining through the absinthe herbs. I find that a little surprising-- because although the base is the same, the brandy flavor doesn't overpower in the La Sorciere Bleue the way it does in this Verte.

Finish: excellent. No flaws.

Overall: it's really well-made. If you like brandy-based absinthes, you'll probably love this.
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