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Sirene down the water or up the sky?
(Updated: January 14, 2012)
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Sirene, the alternative in Canada to verte through LCBO. At least, from the last infos I got. I'm kind of out of date, stopped absinthe for more than a year now. As I'm craving to return to my fairy, I thought of this notes I took when making the review of Sirene, so here it is (sadly not-that-much-detailed-due-to-too-much-time-passed-before-I-wrote-it)..:


I felt bad these days... Left alone by a star that looked like a sirene and made me drown (or a sirene that tried to looked like a star and drowned me, depends of the point of view you take). One of these days, I was at my big appartment and the holy Father came by. My brother was there too. And Led Zep and Bowie were there too with the Black Dog and the China Girl.

So I decided to introduce them to absinthe, since I had some Sirene left from Toronto and some Taboo too. We tasted them side by side. My brother and the Father too prefered Sirene over taboo. There's a lot of of too and other double o in this review, boo hoo hoo!..

Color : Nice color, although quite yellowish.

Louche : A nice louche effect, interesting to look at, but too light to fully appreciate.

Aroma : I noted citrus-ish and cinamon-ish odors as others noted before.

Flavour : No suprises, but very good. Tastes as it smells, not very traditional but quite good still. The best I had, but I had not that much absinthes to compare and am (or not?) influenced by the opinions of the blood of my blood and want to balance my others notes too.

Finish : The finish lacks bitterness to my taste, it is a bit weak. Could be better for some people, though.

Overall : A nice absinthe and more traditional tasting choice for Canadian or Quebecer-passing-by-Ontario buyers.
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