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Pouring the Siréne into my glass, my first thought was, "too dark!" It looks like a rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil, dark and thick. The aroma neat was citrus and alcohol, reminding me in some ways of a gin.

It was the louche that made me sit up and take note. The icewater dripping into the glass produced marvelous oil trails, and a rich fog began to form at the bottom of the glass. As the louche continued, it grew ever more roiling and thundercloudish, with a tint of the olive and an unexpected tan highlight. The color wasn't the most attractive, but the action of the louche was quite appealing.

The aroma after louching was grassy, vegetal, and tangy. Flavor followed the aroma, with vegetal notes highlighted with wormwood bittnerness. Anise/fennel was in the background. The finish was dry, and somewhat short.

It was the next night, when I used Siréne as the base for an Absinthe Frappé, that I found the perfect use for this beverage. The strong louching of Siréne made for a very appealing cocktail, and the vegetal notes get toned down with the addition of the simple syrup and bitters. I think I found a good mixing absinthe!
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