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Bravo Chicago!
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This was a surprising absinthe on a number of levels. I am thrilled that such a quality traditional absinthe is being made and distributed in the U.S. Now on to the details:

Color: reminds me of good olive oil, natural but dark green with a brown tinge, Yes, it could be lighter, but I don't find it unattractive in the least.

Louche: Very thick, pleasantly protracted and fascinating to watch. My only complaint is with the final color, the brown tinge dominates the louche in a rather sickly way that actually gave me pause before my first sip. But the dramatic nature of the louche kept me from rating it less than "4".

Aroma: not my category, Ive borrowed the "3" from the other reviews.

Flavor: very interesting. I second Peridot's "Big Red gum" description. It is a tad grassy and light on the anise, but with an orange peel sort of citrus note. The mouthfeel is nicely creamy as well, especially while your water ratio is low. Of the three glasses I had (on three different nights), each had a different dominant flavor which gave the drink a strange split personality quality. Whether this variation was do to the drink or the drinker I'm not sure, but the flavors I have listed above remained present in all three glasses.

Finish: the Big Red gum lingers or a few minutes, but not unpleasantly. I just found that I needed to let it pass before I could have more. But this gives each sip the breathing room that a good drink deserves.

Overall: I would gladly buy a bottle for the collection, even if it might not be my first choice to drink. It is a distinctive yet nicely traditional addition to the American market. Bravo!
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