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A Fine American Absinthe
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This is a very good absinthe. The color is a little darker than I prefer but perfectly natural. The louche layers nicely and develops into a lovely thick louche at 4 to 1. Nice, pleasant aroma but I would prefer a little more. Very good balance in most of the herbs especially between the anise and fennel. There's some unusual herbs playing in the background that makes this absinthe especially interesting. The finish is predominately anise and fennel. While the Wormwood is definitely there, I would really prefer a stronger shot of A.a. here.

I prefer a little brighter color, more floral bouquet and a healthier measure of Wormwood. Sirène is sporting a complex yet mostly balanced herbal profile with some unique choices which deserve being praised. Lovely mouth-feel and a beautiful louche add to a delicious glass of absinthe. Well done, North Shore Distillery.
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