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I wish I had tasted more absinthes before this one, so I could know just how close to perfection it may be. I hesitate to give it a five because this would be presumptuous having only tasted Lucid and Kubler. The smell neat is an amazing perfume, very nicely balanced. Although I cannot place all of the aromas, none of them overpower each other (i.e. it does not smell like anise with some other things hiding under it.)I louched it sans sucre at a 1:4 ratio. Beautiful trails and a milky verdant opal cloud smoldered out of the very natural and attractive olive green liquor. The scent intensifies and fills the room, I can almost taste it before it touches my lips. Flavors of the holy trinity unite in my mouth, my tongue tells me there are other flavors, delicious flavors, singing with this choir, but it cannot tell me their names. Surely one with a more trained and less Burnt pallet will be able to identify these tastes, all I can say is "Mmmmmm."

The mouthfeel is the creamiest I have ever experienced and leaves me with a mouth that is comfortably numb.

Some day when I have expanded my pallet I will revisit this review and undoubtedly add a five or two.

I would take this over Lucid or Kubler any day, even if it were priced high above its modest $60.
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