Sevil - Reviewed by Experts and Consumers at The Wormwood Society

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Sevil - Reviewed by Experts and Consumers at The Wormwood Society

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Stands out among its VdT peers
Overall rating
Color: Clear. No visible defect.

Louche: Very quick to form. Deep and luscious with an intriguing lavender hue.

Aroma: Very herbal with hints of anise and fennel, mity wormwood and roots. Complex and intriguing.

Flavor: At about 2.5:1, the flavor is quite nice. Lots of sweet anise. Almost bordering on the sweetness of licorice, but without the acrid bite that's normally associated with licorice. Wormwood is light, not unlike many VdT brands, but it's detectable and enjoyable.

Finish: Clean, crisp and refreshing. Sweetness lingers on the sides of the tongue while a pleasant, light bitterness hangs out at the back of the throat. It certainly makes you want to take another drink. A slight bit of numbing.

Overall: Out of everything that comes out of the region, it's one of my favorites. Duvallon has stepped up his game and made a winner. Politics aside, this is a very good absinthe.
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Pretty lady.
Overall rating
Appearance: Clear, with no sediment or haze.

Louche: Pure white with red/gold highlights when held up to the light, though it's slightly thicker than I would wish.

Aroma: Smooth and perfumey (somewhat reminiscent of the smell of the makeup remover I use), with candied flowers and wormwood, along with hints of fennel, and perhaps some anise. The fragrance isn't very strong though, I definitely have to really breathe it in.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: Very fresh and cool. Really nice balance, hints of spiciness and a wisp of peppery anise that's just right.

Finish: Not too lengthy, but full of juicy, crisp flavors of citrus and anise, and a nice tingle on my tongue without being overly deadening or heated.

Overall: This is a really lovely, very refreshing absinthe.
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Light and Lovely
(Updated: February 11, 2013)
Overall rating
Appearance: Clear, clean and glass-like. No sediment nor haze.

Louche: Just a tiny bit thick but otherwise spot-on translucency. There is a small mixture of hues in an otherwise straight-forward and cloudy white.

Aroma: Very wormwood forward. Fennel before anise and a nice floral-malic acid scent as well. The aroma is light but not overly so.

Flavor: Wormwood, chamomile, fennel, anise and a smooth texture show up on stage to open the show together. There's a slight floral and pepper background as well as a textural hint of star anise. Very good use of star anise as a background note and balance to the drink. It's not simple nor is it complex, but it is wonderful.

Finish: Small citrus and pepper notes come up in volume a little but otherwise the finish is an exact continuation of the flavor. It is mouth numbing as well as astringent towards the end.

Overall: A very good blanche that is floral and unique without sacrificing much of anything in the way of traditional flavor.
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Very well-made la bleue
(Updated: November 12, 2012)
Overall rating
This is a really delicious absinthe. Sampled at both 3:1 and 4:1. The more delicate florals open up at the higher dilution, but it is more powerful and spicy at 3:1. It depends on one's mood!

Color: Perfectly clear with no sediment

Louche: Attractive display of smoke and mist, pretty solid by 2:1 however, just a bit quick forming, but not as quick as many other blanches. It ends in a pretty translucent white with suggestions of light blue.

Aroma: Neat, the aroma is very promising. It is sweet, floral and lightly herbal. As water is added, the room filled with flowers and herbs. A clean, crisp, light, and fresh aroma. The classic character of Swiss la bleue, with just a bit more going on.

Flavor: What an interesting and delicious flavor! The trinity is very well balanced, with a simply wonderful sweet fennel. I don't sugar blanches, and sugar here would be a big mistake, as it is quite sweet to begin with. This is lightly spicy, floral, and has a subtle element that is different from most blanches, that I can't quite pin down.

Finish: A very high quality, layered finish. It builds, unfolds, and lingers nicely. Not as powerful as some...but a smooth delicate ride that fits this recipe. It has a nice smooth mouthfeel without being too thick.

Overall: I'd say this is one of the better blanches from Switzerland. If you like a sweet and floral blanche, you'll enjoy this.

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