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Not the absenta you know
(Updated: April 30, 2009)
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Although the colour is natural, it is straw, so nothing in the range of absinthe tinges.

Starts like burnt sienna then develops a whitish, beige louche. Not bad, surprisingly the colour of the louched Segarra is very warm, hence pleasant to look at.

Although its herb-bill is as limited as possible, the aroma is a feast for the senses.

Flavour is pastis-alike and for my palate too heavy at times. Unlike in absentas, wormwood upfront, without the obstrusiveness of citrusy or anisy nuances.

Overall, it is much better than regular absentas like Deva or Montana, what not. On the other hand, it needs the herb-bill to be enhanced and the price to be lowered-note, it is just a mere 45%!
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