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Appearance: Unlouched, the color is a pleasant shade of greenish-gold. This may be influenced by the bottle's age: I purchased this when it was first introduced and am just enjoying it for the first time now. The louched color is a soft sea-green, with yellow highlights. Pretty.

Louche: The louche activity is among the most visually interesting, best I have ever experienced! Strikingly opalescent... a mystical beauty to behold. The strong activity witnessed was constant from the very start to finish of the pour.

Aroma: What a powerfully fragrant aroma! It's very floral, with mint leaves, alpine scents, baby powder, and a uniquely exciting herbal complexity, in regards to the wormwood.

Flavor: The flavor bursts and blooms as Sauvage goes dancing across the tastebuds... Bitter and very tangy, with a robust, spiced earthiness. Through all of this intensity, it is somehow bound together in a nicely balanced way.

Finish: Slightly drying, with white pepper heat, subtle vanilla bean, and florals akin to potpourri.

Overall: A libation bold enough to steal even the most guarded of hearts! I can see the comparison to Roquette 1797, however this one is not quite that hot/spicy, and it's more herbally layered and bright. One can really taste the difference the wild wormwood and aging process has made - I haven't had anything that compares. It now has a place among my all time favorite Absinthe.
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