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She has sapphire eyes, that fairy I mean
(Updated: December 24, 2010)
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Colour, louche and general characteristics are typical of la bleue style and there is nothing in these departments that would make Sapphire be an odd man out.

Yet, with the aroma, the milk gets spilled. First of all, aroma is sweet, strongly sweet with melissa and fennel being the avantgarde. Secondly, from the aroma alone, this la bleue is much less, less sweet than other les bleues. Kinda contradictory, but very evident.

The taste is fennel, anise, wormwood, very simple, some others follow later, but what makes it different from some other les bleues, wormwood is really strong in the finish, it is not a touch of wormwood, but a slap in the face with wormwood stalk! Pontica comes over nicely, but there is no lingering bitterness as usual, gets sweetish towards the end.

As la bleue it is very special absinthe and can be a surprise to some. Since it is out of stock now due to some hurdles, an opportunity of tasting it becomes a rare treat.

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