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Not absinthe, but pleasant to drink
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Appearance: A VERY deep red. Much darker than most rouge styles.

Louche: practically non-existent.

Aroma: Citrussy! The tangerine base really does come through. Slight hints of anise.

Flavor: not really an absinthe flavor. More of a citrus liqueur. Slightly sweet with brandy notes. It tastes very good, just not like absinthe. I give it a 2 because it doesn't fit within the review criteria for absinthe, but it's enjoyable as a sipper.

Finish: tangerine and hibiscus on the back end.

Overall: while this really has nothing to do with absinthe, it's still tasty. Just don't buy it as an absinthe. Buy it to use in cocktails or spritzers.
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