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Not Really My Cup of Tea, But Quality Stuff
(Updated: April 26, 2010)
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From 2008 batch at 3:1, then 4:1 at 2nd tasting.

*Note upon revisiting (doesn't affect score): at 4:1, I was able to get a slightly thicker louche. It is so slow forming, that stopping at a lower dilution does not allow it form as fully. Still thin, but more of an opal quality at 4:1, and even up to 5:1, where I enjoyed the flavor much more! Initially, I thought it would get thinner looking with more water...surprise!

Color: Lovely jewel-like green, but a just a tad weak.
After louche color was quite nice.

Louche: Strong promising trails and jellies. I thought "'s so slow forming", but then it stayed so thin, even at 3:1 that I felt let down. 2nd tasting, went to 4:1 and it was actually a thicker louche!

Aroma: Before adding water, it was delicious, after the louche however, I found it unbalanced and a bit "off" in its balance for my tastes. Very medicinal, vegetal and herbal. I give it a 4 only due to the wonderful pre-louch aroma.

Flavor: Wow...different. Not really my favorite profile, but interesting and strong. Still, tasty, Again, very herbal and medicinal tasting, yet balance and quality. Very clear wormwood and fennel, anise is there, but not right up in your face. A bit more anise in there, and I would love this flavor. A bit of alcohol in there as well... not enough to mark it down, but I noticed it. At 4:1, the achohol bite was gone and the flavor opened up nicely. I can see some people really liking this. I give it a 4 as I think they did a good job representing something faithfully, and it has its place.

Finish: One of the nicest aspects of this absinthe. Layered and complex. Just the right bitter and linger. A tad of alcohol heat in the finish, but not enough to mark it down.

I'd say it's important to sample this just for the unique flavor profile. I liked it much more the 2nd time around, and appreciated its totally unique personality.
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