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(Updated: May 14, 2008)
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Although I have not had the first edition of 1797, I have been told these two are like heaven and earth and so they are. However, if I am to score that absinthe as it is, I must point out certain flaws it definitely possesses.

The colour of the sample I was given is so pale, that it is difficult to call it even jaune. Nevertheless, it is natural and not that neon-like which we can come across nowadays.

Using a frozen water method of preparation, it had to louche somehow and so it has, unfortunately whereas it could strive more towards some green nuances it went Payne's grey, not even white.

At that point, we might assume faint colour and louche are the most discernible errors that have been made with this absinthe. Nonetheless, there is the 3rd culprit which made me feel uneasy-the aroma, neat: it is a tragedy, uninviting, very pungent and what is worse, it does smell of neither anise nor wormwood.

However, that changes completely when water is added, the aroma transforms beutifully into a nice combination of anethole buddies and very pleasant spiciness, that very moment the absinthe gets rescued from being critized further.

Its flavour, if not that much complex, is quite inviting and traditional, wormwood could be more pronounced, though.

The finish is probably the best, very silently the orchestra of wormwood, pontica and mint are rising to evolve into one note and fade into the aforementioned spiciness.

All in all, that absinthe is interesting but due to some lacks might not be preferred over other brands that are currently on the market.
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