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I'm very, very impressed with the 1797. To begin with, it's a gorgeous peridot green: clear and bright, but perfectly natural. With a slow drip of ice cold water, it louches to a pleasing jade green. Yes, the louche is a little on the thin side, but really only very slightly, and the lava lamp-like oil trails by which the louche builds are nothing short of mesmerizing. The aroma is clean and spicy and very pleasing, but could perhaps be a little more intense. The flavor, however, is absolutely delightful: an exquisite blend of spiciness and bitterness, with an arresting herbal intensity that nevertheless is never intrusive. The finish is slightly bitter but complex; this is where the "tonic" really comes through, but it only adds interest. There is nothing intrusive or distracting about this absinthe.

Yes, I'll have another, thank you. Christmas just got happier!
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