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Absinthe's Past is Showing
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Appearance: A near perfect but deep and dark peridot color. Very clear and pristine appearing.

Louche: There is a large variance inn hue once the louche is finished. The louche ends at a perfect translucence and displays many hues in the light as well as large light blue bands at the edges.

Aroma: Mint, anise, and a very menthol smelling wormwood are very pronounced alond with notes of petite wormwood and hyssop. The scent fills the immediate air and it is very sweet smelling on the scent-finish. The menthol note makes it smell a bit heavy and medicinal as well.

Flavor: The menthol wormwood, mint, and hyssop burst forth. There is a smooth texture and some spice notes from heavy pontica use as well. The medicinal camphor is distracting and this absinthe might benefit from a higher dilution and sugar use for those who don't normally do so.

Finish: Bitter and lingering flavor that leads to a sweeter anise finish. It's slightly astringent and feels crisp as well as lasting a long time. Once again the medicinal feel is distracting.

Overall: The medicinal nature hurts this otherwise excellent and quality absinthe. It's certainly an absinthe with character and bound to polarize people into love it or hate it camps. I personally like it a lot but it is not your typical commercial offering at all.
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