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it has bite
Overall rating
Deep, almost murky peridot appearance. The louche is spectacular, with lots going on during a slow drip. Swirling clouds and different layers that eventually merge into one translucent, milky haze. The aroma strikes me as very anise forward, yet very pleasant, with maybe a hint of more (herbal) depth behind the anise. The taste is just about top-notch. Perfectly balanced anise up front with an excellent wormwood bite. For me there's also a major 'floral' quality and a hint of citrus. The finish just leaves you wanting more, with a mouthwatering bite that lasts not too long but for a while.
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Apocalypse Now
(Updated: September 02, 2014)
Overall rating
This is a very respectable absinthe. The initial impression is very nice: it pours an attractive peridot with olive tones, and the louche is just as one would expect. The aroma is also very nice. It is bracingly herbal and fresh, though also restrained. In the area of flavor, I would say Redux is above average but not quite my favorite. It makes for a good summer absinthe, though, as it is light on the tongue and very fresh, with minty overtones. I would like a more robust flavor and finish, however. I would say that this absinthe does best with a lower water-to-dose ratio.

Overall, I like this offering well, and will buy it again.

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Golden Redux
Overall rating
Quite a show. A nice, bright, natural green color as to be expected - the louching process is long and involved... lots of great trails! Serious trails. Fully louched- it appears on the thicker side (not at all thin) and looks marvelous. This absinthe has (what I would consider) a traditional aroma and taste and I really appreciated the full mouthfeel and the lingering flavours after it was gone. Just the right amount of numbing too. Intensely herbal. Really nice work. The one thing I would advise it that the finish is a bit grassy and fresh - the bottle I have could do with some aging (and is resting now).
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3 results - showing 1 - 3