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The colour is very profound, green and what not. Taking into account a big stalk of hyssop in the bottle, it is no wonder the colouration is an on-going process.

Louche is very delicate, it does louche, but gets only slight opalescence.

Aroma is strong, sometimes too strong due to the overcolouration. Pleasant in a sense if nothing fascinating.

Absinthe tastes of macerated wormwood and macerated herbs (hyssop the most dominant there) from the bottle. Taste reflects the strength of the aroma.

Definitely, absinthe should not be coloured at such a low abv as 60% and leaving some of the colouring herbs in the bottle is a no-no, absinthe is not a borovicka (where in many a case, we can see a big juniper right in the bottle, but doing little to no harm, though).
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