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The time has come for bitter things
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Reality absinth is one of my favorites by far. I have had many bottles of the stuff. The color of the liquor before water is added is a deep green which I enjoy seeing. It is hard to get the louche to come out and play, you have to mix it slowly and with sugar for sure. Once it changes it becomes a cloudy swirling hazy green, which I have heard people describe as swamp water. As for the aroma, it is bitter with herbal tones and a definate alcohol tinge. This is a very bitter absinth! If you do not like bitters do not buy this, I love the taste of reality. The finish, once again is bitter, so I gave it a 2. Overall this is a High quality, all natural czech absinth. I will certainly be buying much more.

[editor's note: The review doesn't make much sense. Giving a louche and aroma of 3 and a finish of 2, then an overall of 5?]
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