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Excellent and classic.
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The absinthe is a bright, spectacular peridot. Clean and clear, it's wonderful. It smells of fruity anise, with a bit of a floral quality. Good balance.

With water the louche stars slow but then erupts, ending in medium in thickness. Excellent milk jade colour with blue around the edges. There's now a great balance of aromatic wormwood and fruity anise. Classic character. A tad earthy from the fennel. Nothing jumps out and nothing is deficient.

The flavour is delightful. Still tremendous balance, not just of herbs but of sweet, bitter, and savoury. Not really inventive but perfectly captures the classic absinthe ideal as I see it. Citrus notes, mint, perhaps a cinnamon-like spice.

The finish is an interplay of bright wormwood with the fruitier aspect of the anise weaving around each other, fading into a soft bitterness. Really hovers on the sides of the tongue.

If someone were to ask me what a classic, no-messing-around absinthe is like, then this is the one I'd suggest. It's a brilliant encapsulation of what absinthe is all about.
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