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(Updated: January 16, 2010)
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Not a bad product, but a bad absinthe in the sense of tradition, since it's artificially-colored. There's also a lack of quality and compplexity, but from what I understand you could say that from a lot of absentas also, and people still like them... I am not enough experienced to comment a lot, but it tastes a lot of anis, and that could be far worse (by far I mean, as far as by the Hills and further if you understand;).

Positive : The color, while unnatural, is very nice! I would have granted a 5 to color if ingredients where not taken into accounts or in blind tasting.

Negative : The taste is to simple, nearly no aroma except anis, the color fake and all that for the cost of a fine absinthe!

All in all, I think if this product was sold at the 2/3 or half of it's price, it could make a fine cocktail or routine (for the less fortunate) absinthe.

Edit:I just noticed there was Pernod extrait d'absinthe and regular Pernod. I think I tasted regular Pernod, so altough I revised my review (since it just doesn't taste wormwood, it doesn't have any!), I could add that it's quite cheap. It the extrait d'absinthe version which cost a lot. So regular Pernod is just a yellowish green, probably less sugared version of pastis. As such, it's a good product, but not as an absinthe.
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