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1914 Pernod Cache Pre-Ban
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I was fortunate enough to get a small 100mL sample of this fantastic example of what absinthe can be. Anyone who might complain about this absinthe is lying. It sort of gets a free pass since it is almost 100 years old and was distilled before the ban. However, even taking that into account, this would be a fantastic absinthe if it were brand new. However, I'm certain the aging had a very favorable effect. The color is more amber than any verte you will see today. It has obviously oxidized, but has lost nothing in terms of flavor. The mouth feel is full at a 3:1 ratio, and very smooth, with a dense yet opalescent louche that was formed by a slow drip of water, and I used no sugar. Fennel, Anise, and Wormwood are prevalent, but this is a very complex, floral absinthe. I can tell there are other herbs present, but it's difficult to pick them out because each examination reveals yet another flavor/aroma, and they are so fleeting that it's difficult to pin them down, which I like. The aroma fills the room as soon as you start adding water in a way that I haven't experienced with most other absinthes. I think the aroma is fantastic. I'm very glad to be able to say I've had pre-ban, and hope to have more as good as this one in the future.
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