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As others have said, this is a wonderful absinthe. This glass was from the 1914 cache and was watered at 3.5:1 without sugar, using a brouilleur.

Wow. The color is a delicate dead leaf amber, perfectly clear and bright. Once water is added the green hints become apparent and the spectacle of what a louche should be appears. An amazing sight beginning with oil trails, then a beautiful hazy ball of milky absinthe at the bottom, followed by greater milkiness with very distinct banding between the louched and unlouched absinthe. At last, the louche wins. While appearing to be fairly dense, the louche has an opalescence that puts the current batch of modern absinthes to shame.

Truly, the colors of a glass of this absinthe are equal to the sunset.

The aroma was very nice, but compared to the flavor, the aroma is not why one wants a glass of this absinthe.

The flavor is quite magical and goes well beyond the dual Trinities of a mere text. This is the work of a master craftsman, and has only benefitted from the effects of Time. The tongue numbing is pleasant from both fennel and wormwood and perhaps more. A delicate mintiness teases and lingers long in the finish. There is a wonderful candy-like flavor pairing sweetly with a hint of licorice. I'm sorry if I've failed to convey all the taste and pleasure this absinthe brings, for my skills with words are pathetic and weak.

I'm glad they banned this absinthe. Otherwise, I'd wander the streets gathering what coin I could find - or steal - just so I could have another glass.

(Just kidding on the stealing part.)
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