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What a fantastic experience to be able to taste this rare Absinthe. I was loathe to review this one given my less than Ph.D. tasting chops but, at the same time, I felt the obligation to set down my impressions for posterity.

The color was just what I imagine it should be although I did not see the greenish tint that some describe from their samples. The louche was fantastic and the aroma and flavour were distinct. Both were very floral above almost anything else and I had the impression of it being more strong and bold than delicate. I wish, 1. that I had more to taste (who doesn't) and 2. that it had been my first or second Absinthe of the evening and I had come at it with a "cleaner" palate. The finish was good but brief but overall it was truly, "I'll have another, thank you."
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