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What a disappointment
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Color: A good hue, but regretably artificial.

Louche: Amazing trails, but the artificial coloring throws off the final product. Too heavy of a louche, which is expected given the levels of star anise.

Aroma: The characteristic acridity of star anise and alcohol heat. Not very inviting.

Flavor: The lack of wormwood is another major disappointment. Compared to Pre-ban Pernod, I'd be suprised if there was any wormwood in this at all. The star anise is cloying and one-dimensional. Pernod could do so much with this, but it seems like they just wanted to push a quick and easy product out the door.

Finish: quick, slightly acrid and unremarkable.

Overall: Given its pedigree, this is one of the biggest disappointments of the modern age of absinthe. I'd love to take the reigns on this project to do a complete overhaul.
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