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The color is very nice, but it's fake so I'm hard pressed to give it any praise. Resorting to artificial coloring shows a lack of respect and knowledge.

The louche is quite nice, but given the amount of anise in this thing it can hardly come as a surprise. The only downside I saw the artificial coloring sticking around to mess up the opalescence of the final product.

Nothing to comment about the aroma since I can't smell.

The flavor isn't terrible, it just isn't much to write home about either. There is certainly plenty of anise, and ghost of wormwood for a moment, and then: nothing. It's gone faster than I consider respectable, especially for the price they're asking.

Oops, I went right in to the finish while describing the flavor. But the two follow each other so closely it is little surprise. It's easy to drink Pernod quickly as there's little to savor, and perhaps this was their goal. Not a lofty one to be sure.

And yet I can't hate this drink. If it didn't pretend to carry on the Pernod Fils legacy it would be just another unremarkable absinthe that at least was aiming towards a traditional taste. Cut out the food coloring and balance the flavors and who knows?
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