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Hard to get past that rubbing alcohol aroma
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I use a dose of 40ml to 200ml chilled water. Unsweetened for this review.

This has an extremely strong alcohol aroma. I pour into a small graduated measuring glass first to measure the dose, and slowly move my nose over the rim to get a whiff: the alcohol is wincingly strong.

Artificial color is listed on the label, and the color is slightly unnatural but not awfully so, appropriately olive/peridot and nicely clear.

The louche forms slowly with wicked oil trails, where a clear layer forms and holds its clarity until almost half my water is added.

The aroma after louche is much more pleasant, but not "filling the air aromatic" and not complex, primarily anise.

There is significant bitterness in the flavor, which has three primary notes: anise, wormwood and lemon. The finish has a slight peak of anise at the start, which then withers to bitter wormwood and lemon which clings to the tongue leaving a substantial numbness.

A comparison that springs to mind is the Absente pastis with higher octane alcohol. In a comparison with a price point per volume competitor, Lucid, it lacks complexity and body, and the harsh "rubbing alcohol" aroma at the outset is the biggest drawback.

My conclusion is that it is the absinthine analog of Orwell's 1984's 'Victory Gin'.

I had to think about the overall rating, where "3" is interpreted as "acceptable, ahows promise". Clearly this is from a mass producer, so even if they somehow 'tweak' their recipe it seems like it would take a while to show up on ths ehelves. The aroma is clearly unacceptable, whereas color and louche seem very nice, and the flavor has the "traditional elements" represented, although unbalanced and lacking interesting complexity.

But, as American-market-aimed absinthes go, I'd say if you want a verte, see this on the shelf next to Lucid at the same price and they are the only two verte absinthes in the store, buy the Lucid.
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